Are you Remote Ready?

Distributed and remote work is here to stay.

A recent McKinsey survey of 800 corporate executives from around the globe states that 38% expect their remote employees to continue working from home at least some of the time.

This should come to no surprise.

When the call came to keep businesses operational during the pandemic, remote work answered. Productivity, sustainability and work-life balance also increased during this transition.

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HotJar: Taking flexibility and transparency to the next level

This feature is part of our “Well-Distributed” series where we highlight the companies whose people-centricity and approach to remote work we really admire. Hotjar was one of our premier sponsors at last year’s Oyster Bridges jobs fair.

We talked to Sara Bent, People Ops Specialist at Hotjar, on traveling, the benefits of remote recruiting, and remote socializing at work.

Sara is no stranger to remote work. She joined Hotjar four years ago (in fact when we sat down for this interview in December she was celebrating her 4th anniversary) as a recruitment coordinator and helped the team grow exponentially. Her own role grew and evolved to cover new responsibilities as a People Operations Specialist. 

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GitLab: Leaning into remote work, pre- and post- pandemic

Welcome to the “Well Distributed” series, our new feature where we take a closer look into the best distributed companies today.

To kick off our series, we talked to Betsy Church Bula, Talent Brand Manager at GitLab, on documentation, remote hiring, and “juice box chats.”

Betsy’s passion for remote work was evident from my very first question. Her journey to remote work is relatable — After a spouse’s job landed them in a new city, Betsy asked her company if she could go remote and they said yes! It was not until a couple years later and a new job as the Talent Brand Manager at GitLab when Betsy realized just how good remote could be. 

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Welcome to the “Fully Distributed” series

Welcome to the “Fully Distributed” series, our new feature where we take a closer look into the best distributed companies today.

With more companies adopting the distributed framework, the number of available remote roles is growing at rapid speed.

As many would agree, the distributed lifestyle presents an exciting opportunity to work where you feel most at ease.

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What happens when you try to bridge a global talent gap

200+ job seekers & 20+ companies: A Recap of Our First Remote Hiring Event

On December 3rd we held our first remote, and asynchronous hiring event, Oyster Bridges, for 240 total attendees spanning at least 50 countries over 24 hours.

Oyster Bridges was born out of a brainstorm on how to spend our time creating something that would be both meaningful to remote companies and also the individuals that power them.

With a focus on social good, our mission was to create a “special access opportunity” for extremely well qualified remote job seekers from the developing world to have exposure to remote companies dedicated to people-centricity.

We decided to make the event asynchronous – a new form of virtual event that does not have a schedule and does not presume any live experiences for the participants. Rather, we created a window of time during which special access was given to the event space where content and other experiences would be consumed on-demand.

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Spoiler alert! Not every remote structure is the same

So you’re on your way towards working remotely. But you realize that every company offers a different structure: remote, distributed or hybrid.

So Which One to Choose? 🙄

First off, well done! We’re always very excited to see new employees embracing remote work.

Now back to the question.

Making the switch to remote is often the most difficult step (and that in itself is a very big accomplishment).

But what follows is just as important, and that is deciding on which remote structure works best for you.

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5 skills to master for landing your dream remote job

Do you yearn for an intellectually stimulating job without the over-stimulation of life in Silicon Valley, London, or Tokyo?

Have you had a taste of working from home and are ready to trade in your suit and office commute for pajamas and Zoom meetings?

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