Chili Piper: Come as You Are

This feature is part of our “Well-Distributed” series where we highlight some of the companies whose people-centricity and approach to remote work we admire. Chili Piper was one of our premier sponsors at last years Oyster Bridges event. We talked to Tyler Parson, Head of Talent at Chili Piper, about animals and unicorns, and decisionContinue reading “Chili Piper: Come as You Are”

GitLab: Leaning into remote work, pre- and post- pandemic

Welcome to the “Well Distributed” series, our new feature where we take a closer look into the best distributed companies today. To kick off our series, we talked to Betsy Church Bula, Talent Brand Manager at GitLab, on documentation, remote hiring, and “juice box chats.” Betsy’s passion for remote work was evident from my veryContinue reading “GitLab: Leaning into remote work, pre- and post- pandemic”