Spoiler alert! Not every remote structure is the same

So you’re on your way towards working remotely. But you realize that every company offers a different structure: remote, distributed or hybrid. So Which One to Choose? 🙄 First off, well done! We’re always very excited to see new employees embracing remote work. Now back to the question. Making the switch to remote is oftenContinue reading “Spoiler alert! Not every remote structure is the same”

Remote Culture, Recruiting, & Open Source

TL;DR: Companies that have recently gone fully-remote can draw inspiration from open source. Doing so provides helpful ways to think about attracting talent and building culture.  Fully-Distributed is Taking Off Though the headlines have focused on the big name companies and their announcements about going remote, events of the last four months have undoubtedly createdContinue reading “Remote Culture, Recruiting, & Open Source”

Dawn of the Distributed Age

Let’s start with a simple analogy: What the Cloud was to 2008, the Distributed Organization is to 2020. What do I mean by that? Think organizational disruption on a global scale. Think new ways of working, new ways of interacting. Think new organizational structures and forms. Think about the dissolution of numerous formidable barriers—literally physical barriers—that haveContinue reading “Dawn of the Distributed Age”

The Evolving Relation of Compensation and Location

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen an extraordinary display of forward-thinking and leadership-by-example from a number of large digital natives who’ve declared indefinite work from anywhere policies for all their employees. Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, Coinbase, Square, among others, have taken a definitive stance on remote work. And even a number of more conventional enterprises,Continue reading “The Evolving Relation of Compensation and Location”