Welcome to the “Fully Distributed” series

Welcome to the “Fully Distributed” series, our new feature where we take a closer look into the best distributed companies today. With more companies adopting the distributed framework, the number of available remote roles is growing at rapid speed. As many would agree, the distributed lifestyle presents an exciting opportunity to work where you feelContinue reading “Welcome to the “Fully Distributed” series”

10 Takeaways from the Facebook Remote Working Town Hall

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg addressed Facebook employees for nearly fifty-six minutes, outlining the company’s new remote working policies and plans. Facebook joins a growing list of high-visibility technology companies that have recently declared they will allow their employees to keep working remotely indefinitely. “I think that it’s quite possible that over the next 5-10 yearsContinue reading “10 Takeaways from the Facebook Remote Working Town Hall”

Remote Working Statistics and the Impact of Coronavirus

It’s clear the world of Work is going to be very different when we settle on a new normal after COVID-19. Lots of folks are particularly interested in asking the question: How will Coronavirus accelerate the adoption of remote working? To get a handle on the level of remote working adoption before Coronavirus, it seemedContinue reading “Remote Working Statistics and the Impact of Coronavirus”