Remote Culture, Recruiting, and Open Source

TL;DR: Companies that have recently gone fully-remote can draw inspiration from open source. Doing so provides helpful ways to think about attracting talent and building culture.  Fully-Distributed is Taking Off Though the headlines have focused on the big name companies and their announcements about going remote, events of the last four months have undoubtedly createdContinue reading “Remote Culture, Recruiting, and Open Source”

The Evolving Relation of Compensation and Location

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen an extraordinary display of forward-thinking and leadership-by-example from a number of large digital natives who’ve declared indefinite work from anywhere policies for all their employees. Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, Coinbase, Square, among others, have taken a definitive stance on remote work. And even a number of more conventional enterprises,Continue reading “The Evolving Relation of Compensation and Location”

The USPTO is a Paragon of Remote Working

This is happily the first of what will be an ongoing series of profiles of organizations that are worth taking a closer look at because they are “well-distributed“. In these profiles, we’ll try to take a look at how these organizations operate, what principles they abide, and how they judge their success as a distributedContinue reading “The USPTO is a Paragon of Remote Working”