Welcome to the “Fully Distributed” Series

Welcome to the “Fully Distributed” series, our new feature where we take a closer look into the best distributed companies today.

With more companies adopting the distributed framework, the number of available remote roles is growing at rapid speed.

As many would agree, the distributed lifestyle presents an exciting opportunity to work where you feel most at ease.

This could be working where customers and prospects are, while reducing or eliminating your commute. Working in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, or to be at home, really at home, and not the one you had to move to in order to land that “dream  job.”

black and brown house near trees

Over the next few weeks, keep checking back here for  an intimate look into the very best remote companies today: showcasing everything from the tools they use to the benefits and social events they offer. 

The companies you’ll read about in these coming weeks have partnered with us in the past. These are companies we trust and know are on top of their game and we are excited to share them with you!

Make sure to follow us on our LinkedIn and Twitter page, we’re constantly posting stuff and we wouldn’t want you to miss it!

Want to be included in future blogs? Reach out by emailing us at hello@oysterhr.com

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